Planet Procurement

Planet Procurement provides advisory services, training and tools to help your organisation deliver sustainability and social responsibility through procurement and the supply chain.

whERE IS your organisation today?

Whether you have just started out on the journey to improve sustainability across your procurement activity or if sustainability is already a core focus for your business, how do you compare with what is happening in world class organisations?

Since 2013, our consultants have been involved in the development of ISO 20400 ‘Sustainable Procurement: Guidance’, which will be published in 2016-2017. We’ve used that knowledge to develop a 360 degree diagnostic tool that assesses how an organisation performs against Sustainable Procurement best practice.

How we can help:

  • Using our diagnostic to help you assess how you perform versus Sustainable Procurement best practice
  • Developing an action plan to meet ISO 20400 future requirements
The 360 degree Sustainable Procurement diagnostic tool

The 360 degree Sustainable Procurement diagnostic tool
Assess how you perform versus Sustainable Procurement best practice

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