Planet Procurement

Planet Procurement provides advisory services, training and tools to help your organisation deliver sustainability and social responsibility through procurement and the supply chain.

taking the lead

Changing the way any organisation works is tough. It’s about...

  • Managing stakeholder expectations and concerns
  • Influencing  the supply market
  • Delivering sustainability objectives whilst achieving value for money


How we can help: Integrating sustainability into “Business as Usual” through...

  • Helping internal stakeholders to ‘rethink’ their needs and unlock sustainability opportunities
  • Using risk analysis to protect your organisations brand and business integrity
  • Understanding how to select and collaborate with suppliers to uncover hidden value
  • Building a truly sustainable procurement/sourcing strategy based on total life cycle cost
  • Managing the sourcing process and contract to deliver sustainability outcomes

Planet Procurement has the know-how and tools to help integrate sustainability through each stage of the procurement process. Take a look at this example of the operational support we provided to a public research institute.

The Wind Mill Checklist

The Wind Mill Checklist
Your checklist to ‘think sustainably’ throughout the procurement process