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Australia’s fighting for a good ISO standard on Sustainable Procurement

Since September 2013, around 40 countries representing 60% of the world population and 70% of the world GDP have been working hard to develop a new ISO standard on Sustainable Procurement, ISO 20400.

Australia proactively contributes to the development of this standard through a Mirror Committee which counts representatives from a wide range of government agencies, industries, NGOs and unions. The Committee also sends a delegation to international meetings in order to promote the Australian view on what this standard should be.

After being held in France, Brasil and Singapore, the 4th international meeting will be hosted by the United Kingdom in June 2015. Chaired by Jean-Louis Haie, director of Planet Procurement, the Australian Mirror Committee has met on 12 March and 13 May 2015 and is confident that the Australian voice will be heard at the international level!